Real Estate Insurance Specifics In Ukraine

Real Estate Insurance in Ukraine is under development now. Real estate insurance is not too popular among the population. It is connected partly with mistrust to local insurers and frequent lack of sufficient level of the income allowing allocating funds on various type of insurance from household budget. Therefore, we will consider commercial [...]

Commercial Real Estate Insurance

Commercial real estate insurance is difficult and expensive procedure. However, any large enterprise cannot manage without it today. The insurance allows receiving a protection of large investments against different risks.

As a rule, owners don’t ignore the commercial real estate insurance because large objects can become not only the victims of [...]

Arguments For Title Insurance At Real Estate Purchase

Real estate is a titbit for different swindlers who aim to seize it with all possible methods. Therefore, at purchase of real estate even after serious legal check never to be sure that documents on property of your seller have not been received by means of fraudulent schemes.

Don’t forget that [...]

Real Estate Insurance Specifics In Cyprus

If you decided to purchase any real estate in Cyprus it should be certainly insured. Thus, be ready that personnel of insurance companies will check attentively and scrupulously your documents for real estate ownership: purchase/sale agreement or title of ownership issued by council of ministers of Cyprus; and if you are not a [...]

Brokers Activities In Case Of Real Estate Insurance

The important specifics of foreign insurance are that you should apply not directly to the insurance company but to the insurance broker.

It is really convenient because this specialist knows all insurance companies, their programs and quotations, thus can offer you optimum option. Applying to the broker you save a lot [...]

Features of Real Estate Insurance In Different Countries Part 2

It is worth to mention such country as Germany. German insurance companies are considered to be the most reliable in Europe. The most popular insurance program is civil liability insurance.

In Germany you won’t find any German without such insurance. It is difficult to reproach Germans with imprudence and absent-mindedness. However [...]

Features of Real Estate Insurance In Different Countries Part 1

Residents of the European countries have a high extent of civil responsibility manifestation both at home and on the state level. However some laws often put one party in a certain security and another is opposite. As the way out from the current situation it needs the additional insurance of the second party.


What Influences Real Estate Insurance Cost Abroad

In case of real estate insurance foreign insurance companies take into consideration such factors:

- Placement of your house relative to the sea, pond, mountains, volcanoes, woods and other elements of the district which can become the reason of insured events.

- The fact whether it is your basic [...]

Specifics Of Foreign Real Estate Insurance

The real estate insurance abroad is not a splendor but regulation for people living in places where they got used to shift unforeseen moments of life on the insurance company. This industry so kept within mentality of people in developed countries that nobody anymore asks a question whether it is necessary to insure. [...]

What Real Estate Insurance Policy Provides

When you sign the insurance contract, you purchase not only a financial protection but also the adviser who is ready to prompt free of charge and in time how to behave in difficult situation and to avoid it.

You can be sure that the insurance company by all means will help [...]