What Influences Real Estate Insurance Cost Abroad

In case of real estate insurance foreign insurance companies take into consideration such factors:

- Placement of your house relative to the sea, pond, mountains, volcanoes, woods and other elements of the district which can become the reason of insured events.

- The fact whether it is your basic dwelling or you use it as additional. In the second case there is a probability that the house will be empty, thus is subjected to higher risks of robbery, etc.

- Your insurance history;

- Statistics of payments for the real estate located in your region. Respectively, if the statistics says about a high percent of effected payments, to you will be fixed a higher cost of insurance;

- The cost at which you purchased dwelling. The higher cost the higher will be policy cost. It is connected with that fact that in case of loss occurrence the insurance company will be obliged to pay you a higher reimbursement.

- The settlement in which your real estate is located. Do not be surprised that policy cost in the big megalopolis will be higher than in the remote province. It is connected with increased crime rate in big cities and bigger probability to suffer from flooding, fire and other expenses of joint municipal services.

Cost will be lower if you purchased housing in Residential Complex of the closed type with fixed guarding, pass entry system, alarm system, etc.

The interesting fact is that the level of citizens interested to insure the real estate abroad is nearly 100%, and in the homeland just some of them resort to cooperation with insurance companies.

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