Arguments For Title Insurance At Real Estate Purchase

Real estate is a titbit for different swindlers who aim to seize it with all possible methods. Therefore, at purchase of real estate even after serious legal check never to be sure that documents on property of your seller have not been received by means of fraudulent schemes.

Don’t forget that such people are often in collusion to notaries, employees of law enforcement agencies, judges which for not small money do acts. Therefore it is very difficult for ordinary person to contend with the whole structure of swindlers and the probability of loss of the property right is very great.

Let’s consider the most often met methods of property occupancy:

Testamentary swindle. It is about 35% of all affairs of frauds on real estate. It lies in creation of counterfeit testaments. Most often swindlers apply such schemes for occupancy of property of single people relatives who are abroad.

These are loans which do not exist. Currently the fraudulent scheme with invented loans picks up speed. How it happens? After death of the apartment owner relatives are visited by allegedly representatives of the credit organization and declare that the apartment was provided according to issued loan. Criminals suggest relatives to pay serious amount with threat of real estate withdrawal.

It is worth noticing that if the loan agreement is made with use of owner’s real signature of the on empty form, it is difficult to prove the contrary.

Sham marriages. It is about 20% of cases of all frauds. Rather old and enough efficient method. When the young girl fascinates the well-to-do person of advanced years, compels him to purchase “a nest” and in certain time requires divorce. By the legislation the housing purchased at the time of marriage is shared on equal parts independently on that for whose money it was purchased. Such type of fraud continues to work despite the awareness on it in the society is rather exhaustive.

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