Brokers Activities In Case Of Real Estate Insurance

The important specifics of foreign insurance are that you should apply not directly to the insurance company but to the insurance broker.

It is really convenient because this specialist knows all insurance companies, their programs and quotations, thus can offer you optimum option. Applying to the broker you save a lot of time and have an opportunity to receive directly an optimum choice.

It is worth noticing that this profession is rather seriously controlled by the state. There are obligatory work regulations of such people. First of all, the person who didn’t pass special training won’t be able to work as the broker. Secondly, he can’t be the employee of any insurance company, can’t be the founder of insurance company.

However it is necessary to know that broker doesn’t bear legal responsibility on your policy, he just serves as the intermediary who recommends you a proper company and helps to draw up the insurance contract.

Activity of brokers is regulated by rules and is entered to the special unified state register.

The strictest control of activities of brokers is carried out in Britain and Canada.

In England broker activities are subjected to obligatory certification and audit inspection. The availability of insurance against mistakes in activities is required from brokers.

In case of claim receipt to work of the broker to disciplinary committee his activities will be attentively studied. In case of identification of severe violations he will lose the license and be excluded from the register that deprives him opportunity to work in this sphere.

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