Features of Real Estate Insurance In Different Countries Part 1

Residents of the European countries have a high extent of civil responsibility manifestation both at home and on the state level. However some laws often put one party in a certain security and another is opposite. As the way out from the current situation it needs the additional insurance of the second party.

For example, in the law of France there is an item on liability for the third parties. That is, for example, if the person renting your apartment causes moral damage and disturbs the neighbors, the responsibility for his behavior should be undertaken by you.

Or there is another law in France on the basis of which you can’t demand from the tenant to move in case of failure to pay in the period of cold weather that is from the middle of October till March, even if he has a delay on payment within all this period.

If children live in the apartment, you never will be able to uphold your rights to a rental payment.

Also, in case of a tax debt of the tenant for accommodation the state will demand from you to cover these expenses.

Such law requirements compel those, who leases dwelling, to buy insurance policies against risks on rent non-payment and corresponding taxes. Also, there is a standard insurance against property damage in the course of accommodation and repair work including break in lease of dwelling for carrying them out and idle time without lease.

Great Britain is a leader on the market of insurance. The international offices of leading insurance companies of the world are located in London.

Specifics of British insurance that it includes not only standard items, such as: fire, theft or natural calamity but some very specific ones. It can be “explosion of gas storage”, “explosion of boiler”, “air piloted apparatus fall “, etc.

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