Features of Real Estate Insurance In Different Countries Part 2

It is worth to mention such country as Germany. German insurance companies are considered to be the most reliable in Europe. The most popular insurance program is civil liability insurance.

In Germany you won’t find any German without such insurance. It is difficult to reproach Germans with imprudence and absent-mindedness. However in the law of Germany there are points which provide rather tough responsibility for harming.

For example, having flooded the apartment of neighbors with water you should pay not only for repair of spoiled part but also for rent of dwelling in which the owner has to live within the period of repair work.

Then let’s consider the Czech Republic. Much attention is paid to a landscape here. Very popular insurance among population is against risk of “landscape harming”. That is, if the lawn on your site was beaten with hail or strong wind pulled out trees the insurance company will reimburse such damage.

USA. Americans like to insure themselves practically against everything that is possible to imagine. Therefore, this country wins first place in the world by number of insurance companies. Total more than 8000 companies work on a certain profile of insurance.

Each state has own features of insurance and regulations according to which they work. Nevertheless title insurance has the widest popularity. The second popularity belongs to building and construction insurance. The option when such insurance is made for all apartments and offices located in it, and fees for its implementation are included into payment for servicing of the building is widespread. Natural calamities are the third type of popular risks.

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