What Real Estate Insurance Policy Provides

When you sign the insurance contract, you purchase not only a financial protection but also the adviser who is ready to prompt free of charge and in time how to behave in difficult situation and to avoid it.

You can be sure that the insurance company by all means will help you to cope with arisen circumstances not because of special kindness though sometimes the human relations supplement a formal factor but for the reason that it becomes one team with you, so not less than you is interested in favorable outcome of the events happening to your real estate.

The insurance policy of real estate provides you with:

- Reimbursement in the amount of real estate market value or of necessary repair at the time of loss occurrence.

- Representation of your interests at the court, that is undertakes legal actions, contestation of the right to real estate, etc. up to that you won’t take any part in above-mentioned procedures. Legal expenses will also lie down on the shoulders of the insurance company.

Thus in case of a negative judgment, that is if as a result of trial of ownership rights are recognized as opponent’s or your fault will be proved the insurance company will bear completely the financial responsibility to you or to affected party that exempts you from the difficult material moments, however don’t forget that just within your agreement.

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